by David Wuensch.

Last week, a friend of mine shared his perspective on this week’s theme, “Make Heroes or Be the Hero”.  His new business supports commercial insurance companies and will launch to the public in the coming months.  He reminded me of the importance of making your customers the hero.  Given the stealth mode of my friend’s business, we will call him Vince in this story and name his prospect Jennifer.

Are you familiar with Donald Miller’s book, “Building a Story Brand”? 

Vince shared how he established a strong advocate on the inside of a large prospect company by helping his contact see how she could be a hero.   Leveraging StoryBrand Principle One, he focused on making Jennifer the hero, not his company or himself.

Jennifer shared a need with Vince, which he qualified and confirmed there was a clear need.  She was struggling with a way to quickly identify priorities to allocate resources. It was not easy given her very large oversight responsibility. Through continued conversations, Vince could see that she was the type of executive who focuses on results and was willing to try something different.  Through direct communication that focused on how the company could win and how she could win personally, he demonstrated proof to give her confidence.

Vince built trust over a year with Jennifer, leading to new business with a large prospect company.  They are projecting to save millions of dollars by using Vince’s system to identify waste, fraud and abuse. Helping Jennifer see how she could be a hero was key to Vince’s success.  

If you aren’t familiar with Donald Miller’s book, I would challenge you to read it and then implement something you learn.  If you are familiar with the book, what is one thing you can do today that will make your client(s) feel like a hero?  Knowledge alone is not going to make a difference, knowledge plus action will.