You run your company; we manage your sale team!

Many small businesses do not have a sales manager for one of two reasons: There is not enough sales revenue to justify their compensation or there is not enough work for a full-time employee.  It is up to the sales manager to get the most out of the sales team.  For small businesses that do not have a sales manager—much less a strong performer in this area—you probably don’t have sales people performing at the level that you desire.

EPOCH Sales Management Solutions, LLC, can provide you with this sales management expertise at less than 50% of the cost of a full-time sales manager.  Let’s look at the costs:

“Fully loaded” sales manager or sales director expenses can run from $9, 600 to $19, 650 per month, plus travel and entertainment expenses.  These expenses include compensation (base plus commission) that ranges from $8,000 to $16,000 (based on data from  Other expenses include federal taxes ($600 to $1,200); medical benefits ($400 to $1,200), telephone, cell phone and Internet ($100 to $500) and car expense ($500 to $750).  In contrast, typical EPOCH Sales Management Solutions costs range from $2,500 to $7,500 per month, plus travel Expenses when applicable.

We become your sales manager and we are part of your team.  We get the most out of your sales team.  Our sales coaching provides repeatable processes that increase productivity.  We find ways to get things “unstuck” to advance opportunities in the sales pipeline.  We work with you and your team on company goals and selling objectives, and help you define effective sales activities, with appropriate metrics, for your sales people.  We focus on sales activities that make the greatest positive impact on revenues.  We motivate, teach and hold sales people accountable to drive revenues through:

  • Sales team meetings to review progress, provide training and development, and launch new initiatives.
  • Individual salesperson coaching to gain improvement.
  • Establishment and tracking of sales-activity metrics.
  • Regular sales team progress reports.

We are available by phone, email and online meetings to assist sales people at any time, including joining them on sales calls when appropriate. We also are available to ownership to address sales-related questions.We will work with you to develop custom sales processes for your company with respect to opportunity, territory, account, and call Management, and then teach them to your salespeople.

Since we are sales management consultants, you have fewer risks when you hire us.  Contract terms are flexible and our fees or services will be adjusted to meet client satisfaction.  There is less government red tape and no taxes or health benefits to pay.  We are committed to your success.  If our clients are not satisfied with the results of our work, the contract can be canceled upon notice.

Contact David at or at 214-470-5599 for more information on how the EPOCH team can help you improve the effectiveness of your sales team.