by David Wuensch.

Then I asked, “What is with the culture here? You can feel it.”
Robert leaned forward and whispered, “Michael, everything flows from culture. Culture is everything.”

Weinberg, Mike. Sales Management. Simplified.: The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team (p. 119). AMACOM. Kindle Edition.

I know of no better quote to illustrate the importance of a healthy sales culture to a successful sales team.  (Check out Mike’s 2013 article in this newsletter that goes into more detail about the culture at Robert’s company from the quote above.)

So, what is a healthy sales culture? Here are some questions that you might want to ask yourself about your company.

  1. Is there a shared vision? Are there clear sales goals and clear expectations of the sales team?
    • Do salespeople understand the mission, vision and values of the company?
    • Do they know who the target prospects are, their prospect’s issues and how they can help those prospects better than anyone else?
    • Do they know what is expected of them and how to get help when needed?
  1. Does everyone respect each other? Does that respect go up and down and side to side?
    • Does everyone treat each other with respect?
    • Does everyone show up on time and meet deadlines on time? If a conflict arises, do they inform parties in an appropriate manner?
    • Do people avoid talking badly of others. If they have an issue with someone, do they seek that person out to work out the situation?
  1. Do people communicate well? Is information shared openly?
    • Do people openly inform others and is communication generally inclusive?
    • Is information shared, not hidden?
  1. Is there a positive vibe? Do you have fun? How do you celebrate your wins?
    • Are people looking for reasons to celebrate and finding the good in what is going on?
    • Are people encouraged and feel supported.
    • Is it fun?
  1. Are people learning and growing?
    • Are people encouraged to learn and develop?
    • Is training made available?
  1. How healthy is the competition? What do your sales contests look like?
    • Is sales data well posted and distributed for all to see?
    • Are there regular contests to promote healthy competition?
  1. Is everyone being held accountable? What metrics are measured weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually?
    • Caution: positivity without accountability can lead to chaos.

When you work on the answers to these questions, what do you think will happen to the health of your sales culture?