Five Steps to Coach and Develop Sales Champions

Your business is like a second family, and you care about your salespeople.

You want them to be the best salespeople they can be.

The problem is you are not sure how to coach and develop salespeople or make time to do it.

  • Never had to coach salespeople 
  • Need a sales comp plan that motivates salespeople
  • Not sure what metrics to use

This leaves you feeling disappointed and upset.

We understand how disappointing it is when you aren’t sure how to help your salespeople get better.  We believe you deserve a sales team firing on all eight cylinders.

  • Salespeople succeed by creating and closing more opportunities
  • Salespeople learn and grow
  • Sales team produces sustained revenue growth

We have been leading sales teams for over 36 years. We can help you get the most out of each of your salespeople.

Sean Blackman says, “Thanks for being an amazing resource, teacher and mentor, David Wuensch.”

Our Services include:

Individual Company Consulting Services

  • Four sessions up to 90 minutes each, typically held weekly
  • Investment: $1,000 via Zoom; $1,200 in person for local clients

Individual Company Specific Solution program

  • Eight each 90-minute sessions, held every two weeks
  • Investments: $3,200 per person (five monthly payments of $640)

Virtual Group Programs

  • Eight each 90-minute group sessions, every two weeks
  • Four sessions up to 60 minutes each, typically held monthly
  • Investment: $ 2,400 (five monthly payments of $480)

Project Consulting Services

  • Based on Scope of Work
  • Investment based on Scope of Work

Close More Deals Plan:

  1. Hold a 30-minute discovery session.
    • Helps both of us determine if there is a fit.
  2. Select the right program.
    • Helps you get there faster.
  3. Your sales team gets better.
    • Take a vacation with those increased earnings and peace of mind.

So, schedule a 30-minute discovery session. In the meantime, download “Ten Keys to Successful Sales Coaching”, so you can stop being unsure of what to do and watch your sales team get better.