Five Steps to Right Salesperson, Right Sales Role

You want to be a worry-free and confident sales leader.

You want to have the right salesperson in the right sales role.

The problem is hiring the right salesperson is hard.

  • You feel like you are wasting time on salespeople who won’t succeed
  • You are tired of hiring salespeople who fail
  • You sacrificed hundreds of thousands of dollars on the wrong salespeople

This leaves you feeling anxious and nervous.

We believe you deserve a sales team that can get the job done.

  • Comfort in knowing that the company has a sales team to move forward with
  • Have a sales team producing sustained revenue growth
  • Sleep at night knowing you have the right salespeople

We have been hiring salespeople for over 35 years and 42% of David’s sales hires went on to become Sales VPs.

According to Scott Mackes, “David’s ability to help small business owners grow their sales teams is fantastic. As a sales manager, I struggled with hiring great sales reps and giving them the right amount of accountability to succeed. I often spent the least amount of time with my A players and most of my time fixing underperforming reps when I should have been doing the opposite. David’s expertise will help you get your sales team moving in the right direction.”

Our Services include:

Individual Company Consulting Services

  • Four sessions up to 90 minutes each, typically held weekly
  • Investment: $1,000 via Zoom; $1,200 in person for local clients

Individual Company Specific Solution Program

  • Eight each 90-minute group sessions held every two weeks
  • Investment: $3,200 per person (five monthly payments of $640)

Virtual Group Programs

  • Eight each 90-minute group sessions every two weeks
  • Four sessions up to 60 minutes each, typically held monthly
  • Investment: $ 2,400 (five monthly payments of $480)

Project Consulting Services

  • Based on Scope of Work
  • Investment based on Scope of Work

Right Salesperson, Right Sales Role Plan:

  1. Hold a 30-minute discovery session
    • Helps both of us determine if there is a fit
  2. Select the right program
    • Helps you get there faster
  3. You hire more winning salespeople
    • Enjoy what you like most about your business while your sales does what it is supposed to – sell.

So, schedule a 30-minute discovery session. In the meantime, download “Five Steps to Right Salesperson, Right Sales Role”, so you can stop hiring salespeople who fail and gain comfort in knowing the company has a sales team to move forward with.