Six Steps to Close More Deals

You want to be a worry-free and confident sales leader.

You want salespeople closing more deals.

Many salespeople wing it and don’t follow a process that works.

  • Tired of salespeople not using a process and losing deals
  • Stagnant pipelines, deals not closing
  • Sales results not what they should be

This leaves you feeling discouraged and troubled.

We believe you deserve a sales team that know and follow a process that closes more deals.

We understand how frustrating it is when salespeople can’t close deals. We are students of sales processes. For over eight years, we have been helping small B2B Businesses develop and implement the best sales process for their sales team.

  • Your sales team’s win rate goes up
  • Watch your salespeople close more deal
  • Your sales funnel will look like a funnel again

According to Dave Beach, “Having been a Sales professional for over ten (10) years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe and work with hundreds of Sales Executives, and without equivocation, David is one of the best. David understands both the science and the art of the Sale process. He’s successfully leveraged his skills and knowledge to secure high-level commitments from both Fortune 100 company Executives and start-up ventures. One of the key elements to David’s success is his ability to build very strong sales teams – he is able to effective transfer his skills to team members to achieve outstanding results.”

Our Services include:

Individual Company Consulting Services

  • Four sessions up to 90 minutes each, typically held weekly
  • Investment: $1,000 via Zoom; $1,200 in person for local clients

Individual Company Specific Solution program

  • Eight each 90-minute sessions held every two weeks
  • Investments: $3,200 per person (five monthly payments of $640)

Virtual Group Programs

  • Eight each 90-minute group sessions every two weeks
  • Four sessions up to 60 minutes each, typically held monthly
  • Investment: $ 2,400 per person (five monthly payments of $480)

Project Consulting Services

  • Based on Scope of Work
  • Investment based on Scope of Work

Close More Deals Plan:

  1. Hold a 30-minute discovery session
    • Helps both of us determine if there is a fit
  2. Select the right program
    • Helps you get there faster
  3. Your sales team’s win rate goes up.
    • Watch the increased revenue come in.

So, schedule a 30-minute discovery session. In the meantime, download “6 Steps to Close More Deals”, so you can stop worrying while your sales team closes more deals.