Four Keys to Get Your Salespeople on the Right Priorities

You want to be a worry-free and confident sales leader.

You want salespeople working the right priorities.

Many salespeople wing it without a strategy or a plan.

  • At wits end with salespeople working the wrong priorities
  • Wondering what your salespeople are doing 
  • Salespeople spending too much time with the wrong prospect

This baffles you and makes your feel frustrated.

We believe you deserve to have salespeople working the right priorities.

  • Your salespeople will be making the most or their most precious resource – time.
  • Your company will be adding the right new accounts, increasing profitability
  • You can be confident that salespeople are working the right priorities

We have been developing sales strategies for sales teams for over 36 years. Strategic and Focus are two of David’s top five Clifton Strengths.

According to Ron Kelley, “David is a strategic and effective leader who has the ability to analyze complex issues and develop a comprehensive sales plan that meets the company’s objectives and motivates the team responsible for its execution. I highly recommend David as he is the consummate sales professional!”

Our Services include:

Individual Company Consulting Services

  • Four sessions up to 90 minutes each, typically held weekly
  • Investment: $1,000 via Zoom; $1,200 in person for local clients

Individual Company Specific Solution program

  • Eight each 90-minute sessions held every two weeks
  • Investment: $3,200 per person (five monthly payments of $640)

Virtual Group Programs

  • Eight each 90-minute group sessions every two weeks
  • Four sessions up to 60 minutes each, typically held monthly
  • Investment: $ 2,400 (five monthly payments of $480)

Project Consulting Services

  • Based on Scope of Work
  • Investment based on Scope of Work

Get Strategy Right Plan:

  1. Hold a 30-minute discovery session
    • Helps both of us determine if there is a fit
  2. Select the right program
    • Helps you get there faster
  3. Your sales team is going in the right direction.
    • Let out a sigh of relief and relax a bit.

So, schedule a 30-minute discovery session.

In the meantime, download “4 Keys to Get Your Salespeople on the Right Priorities”, so your salespeople stop winging it and you can be confident that you have a sales team heading in the right direction.