“In two months’ time, Epoch Sales Management has given us the guidance and tools to completely fill our sales pipeline for the next month and a half.  This is the first time we have ever been that far out and it reaches out further every day. 

As part of that, David and his team have gotten us onto the Hubspot Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program and walked us (to include doing a large part of the start-up legwork) through the capabilities of Hubspot with the focus on what we needed to institute first to immediately start seeing additions to our revenue.  Our weekly “touch base” and “next step” meetings have been critical to keeping our rapid forward progress moving,  not to mention my need to be held accountable for keeping progress going.

David’s knowledge and experience in the sales field has been a crucial addition to our company’s sales program and bottom line.  My only thought is I wish we had started with Epoch sooner.  I would unequivocally recommend Epoch Sales Management for any business looking to scale up their sales and revenue.”

Michael Jefferson, President, J&G Aviation, LLC

“David’s ability to help small business owners grow their sales teams is fantastic.  As a sales manager, I struggled with hiring great sales reps and giving them the right amount of accountability to succeed.  I often spent the least amount of time with my A players and most of my time fixing underperforming reps when I should have been doing the opposite.  David’s expertise will help you get your sales team moving in the right direction.”

Scott Mackes, Founder, SABM Group

“Having been a Sales professional for over ten (10) years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe & work with hundreds of Sales Executives, and without equivocation, David is one of the best. David understands both the science and art of the Sale process. He’s successfully leveraged his skills and knowledge to secure high level commitments from both Fortune 100 company Executives and start-up ventures. One of the key elements to David’s success is his ability to build very strong sales teams – he is able to effectively transfer his skills to team members to achieve outstanding results.”

Dave Beach, former FNC Sales person

“David is a strategic and effective leader who has the ability to analyze complex issues and develop a comprehensive sales plan that meets the company’s objectives and motivates the team responsible for its execution. I highly recommend David as he is the consummate sales professional!”

Ron Kelley, former Sales VP at Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc

“As a small business owner, I fill multiple roles and never seem to have enough time. One of the most important, but frequently neglected, roles is being a sales manager. Our sales team stayed busy reacting to customer needs, but wasn’t offering all of our other services or proactively working with our customers to serve them when our backlog was shorter.  David has helped us increase our sales by helping us establish goals, regularly reviewing those goals, and clarifying our unique company sales story.  In addition, David introduced us to tools to improve the selection and retention of sales arborists that are a good fit for our organization saving us money and valuable time.  Working with David has given me peace of mind by knowing that I am attending to the critically important task of developing a sales team and organization.”

Sam Hill, Sam Hill Tree Care

“Participating in the EPOCH Sales Management program has provided me with clear direction and focus. The ability to reach tangible objectives in the sometimes asymmetric world of sales resulted in an 80% increase in account penetration. The tailored nature of the program wrapped in sound principles allowed me to take a strategic approach to both business development and account management. I am excited to continue and would enthusiastically recommend EPOCH Sales Management to colleagues and friends.”

Scott Church, Account Executive, Insight

“Working with David has been beyond a joy, it has been EMPOWERING.  In any Sales position it is critical to not only make sales, but to know how you made the sales.  David has helped me to establish quantifiable and repeatable processes that increase my consistency of generating sales.  His experience, both in the Military and the Business sector, has enabled him to express concepts in a variety of ways in order to make a connection with the new concepts that he is presenting.  He is truly an invaluable piece to my success in my Business to Business Sales Career.”

Taiwan Holmes, Area Sales Manager, Aeroflex Test Solutions

“I had been a sales rep for about six months before I started meeting with David. Being the only rep for my company in Dallas, I was having a hard time learning the industry as well as how to be an effective salesman. David provided me with direction and helped me put my ideas into action. Since meeting with David, I have seen a significant increase in productivity as well as customer satisfaction. I would recommend his services to any young sales rep in the DFW area.”

Cole White, Account Manager, Shale Support Services, LLC. (S3)